CHIFF: Not all Chafe

CHIFFSen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., is the chief advocate of a bill known as “Children in Families First,” or CHIFF for short. CHIFF calls for redirecting a $60 million portion of the $2 billion the US is spending on vulnerable children internationally towards exactly what I have been advocating on this blog: establishing a central body dedicated to building capacity and consensus around international adoption. The focus, according to the CHIFF website, would be on establishing a functional international adoption system that protects vulnerable children from abuses they face within the now-broken system.

The downside to CHIFF is that it places this body within the Department of State. I firmly believe such a central organization should be outside of the confines of government. Already, CHIFF has vocal dissenters within the House who believe establishing more bureaucracy to an already-slow system is not the answer.

A compromise between democrats and republicans who are concerned about balancing budget woes against distant, unseen children should not be the wellspring of progress in international adoption. Progress should spring from a group firmly grounded in the consensus that every child deserves a family because it is their human right.

The ideal solution would be a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with both a think tank side and an active watchdog side that establishes standards for international adoption programs and reports on specific adoption agencies within countries who are or are not adhering to these standards. Not only could such an agency get grants like a portion of the $2 billion CHIFF wants to redirect, but it could get grants from other countries’ governments and wealthy individuals as well.

Landrieau’s bill is a solid start. It’s the most progress we’ve made in this direction to date. I fear that if it fails, momentum towards solving the orphan crisis will sputter. But if it’s a success – it could make a meaningful impact. For that reason, I support the bill, and I think you should too.

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